In some cases, playing in a hot sex pre, is ideal to have a delicious orgasm, in addition to this, the time before entering the bed is also very important, as the toy and seduction are ideal for good night action or any moment or in the day.
Follow these tips and you will be able to drive your partner crazy in the most sensual way that you can't resist avoiding touching yourself.

Tell him what to do 
Men need to know what to do, in the previous, while he is sitting on the couch watching TV or in the kitchen chair, open his legs carefully and slowly, sit on them, as indicating what to do, you can whisper in the ear affectionately what you want While you carry your hands to intimate areas in your body.

Acaríciale the body
Sóbalo, in the back, massage your neck and shoulders, if you're sitting on the couch, acaríciale your legs, take off your shoes and make him comfortable, so you don't think you just want to excite him.

Open your Mind
The adventure is just around the corner, be creative, moan differently or explore new options for seduction, such as: tie in a chair and sacrifice one of his pants or trunks, cut on certain sides and that he sees his own excitement as you insinuate part It's from your member.

Take your time 
Women get excited fast but the orgasm is slow, so this toy is thinking about you, give him in the most sensitive of his stimulation, where you can accelerate or retard his ejaculation, you will realize that, when your partner, begins to have physical spasms , where you will leave your excitement in the air, this aside from making him suffer a little, he'll go crazy.

Morning sex
By nature the man wakes up with an erection in the morning, take advantage of that and provoke him before waking up. Imagine, all the things you could do to him, while he sleeps, this besides charming him, will keep him in good humor during the day, and maybe in the night he will come back wanting more.

Take out your femme fatal
Be the one who leads in bed, force him to do what you want, that will make him refuse and you will loosen it little by little until you harden him in another way. Teach him who is the one in charge in bed, do not be shy, man always wants to be in control of things, but if you like it too, give him pleasure until you're on top of him.

Masturbate and provoke him
Men are curious and like to see, especially in the reactions of body spasms, how to press the clitoris on the sides, until the vagina opens and closes with only stimulation, your moans will help to warm him up, and you will see that he will want a more explicit masturbation with you. But to drive him crazy with your body, keep it from touching it, to make your game more intense and you will see his spasms in his penis, which I assure it will make you burn.